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Everyone Shops VRChat Kmart
Over 1.1 million shoppers have visited our three store locations-- from Quest users to famous Twitch streamers.

Future of "Going Out Shopping"
26 million VR headsets are used in the real world. Going to a physical store may be obsolete with virtual window shopping.

Getting Healthy
VRChat Kmart operates two pharmacies between our Main Store and Super Kmart locations. Get your free flu shot today!

Exclusive Designers
Some avatars you'll see at VRChat Kmart are only availble at our stores! Check for the "Exclusively at VRChat Kmart" label.

Fashion Finds
With over 300 avatar pedestals featuring avatars from different vendors, there's always something new in style.

Our Photo Center offers a Goof-Proof Policy, where if your pictures aren't printed the way you like, you get your money back!

What To Choose
With real brands you know and trust, there's always something new to find at VRChat Kmart.

What a Load
Kmart Express' download size sits around 30MB, Super Kmart around 70MB, and Main Store around 120MB. The bigger the store, the bigger the file!

A Growing Community
Over 2,000 people are in the official Kmart Discord. Are you one of them?

Can't Miss It
VRChat Kmart updates our sales weekly, including new announcements and music on the PA system. Watch the "Updated Recently" tab on Saturday night!

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!
VRChat Kmart uses original cassette tapes from 1992 using the original sale announcements as well. You can find them here.

Paint The World
VRChat Kmart sells enough paint each year to paint a foot wide line around the globe 35 times.

Color Us Blue
If each Kmart store in 1996 ran 10 blue light specials each day, customers had more than 8 million opportunities to save each year.

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