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October 21st, 2021

President, Chief Executive Officer
VRChat Kmart Corp.

Despite recent obstacles, VRChat Kmart is celebrating it's two year anniversary as VRChat's favorite place to shop.

METAVERSE, VRC., Oct. 21st, 2021
Two years ago I set out to export my SketchUp recreation of my Kmart store into VRChat to see how Unity could handle a SketchUp export.

Fast forward to the present and VRChat Kmart has shown resilience to any obstacle, even ones I've brought upon it.

Despite recent events and issues, the stores continue to stay open for the VRChat playerbase, and Discord server and community continue to work together to have fun and preserve that realistic shopping experience into the next generation.

We are proudly showing that VRChat Kmart is the store of the future, where new looks, new products, and a whole new environment reflect new ideas of what shopping is all about. The detail of an entire store brought to the convenience of your living room.

Our marketplace is as big as the world as we serve the international playerbase of VRChat with associates fluent in multiple languages from a diverse background.

We are innovating and changing as we learn to adapt to the world every day. Looking for ways to improve both as a community and as a store. If you have ideas or suggestions, feel free to join our Discord server and leave a suggestion.

As a final statement personally from myself:
I want to see this community thrive. Even though I may have recently thrown a wrench into the gears, I am working through it and patching the holes, and as long as we work together I feel that we can have many more memories to come. If not for my sake, I at least want to see VRChat Kmart thrive to preserve the store so many loved and have cherished memories of. I won't let the flame go out as long as there are those having fun and enjoying the worlds and community.
- Eric
President, Chief Executive Office

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